Woodland Abstraction A/W 2016

Woodland Abstraction

The title of my project ‘Woodland Abstraction’ demonstrates how I have portrayed woodland within a textiles medium. I have explored areas of woodland that I have found inspiring in an abstract way. For example, the foliage found in the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens, has inspired unusual marks found within my designs. I wanted to express woodland in a way that is unique to me. The juxtaposition of silhouettes and these unusual marks allowed me to create a collection that manages to combine the sophistication of tree shapes and forms with more abstract marks and brush strokes that echoes foliage and texture.

This contrast has also been explored in my fabric choices. Taking inspiration from Autumn/ Winter 2015 fashion collections such as Hellessy and Tess Giberson who have combined wools and thick jersey with silks, I too have used this combination. My collection is Autumn/ Winter 2016 and intended for high fashion. I feel that the fabric choice of thick scuba and wool with silk and chiffon expresses an idea of high fashion and luxury. Within my colour exploration I have had to consider that I will be designing for autumn/ winter and for high fashion. I therefore decided that I could take risks within my colour thus, my use of a pink pallet combined with accent colours such as tope, coral and bright blue dismisses the idea of an ordinary study of woodland. It pushes the audience to experience the abstraction that I felt when seeking inspiration for this project.

The processes I explored also had to express this high-end feeling. Therefore, I decided to combine techniques I would not normally consider. The idea of flock on chiffon was inspired by DKNY and it allowed me to create a high-end feel because of the delicateness combined with the silhouettes and brush strokes. It is intriguing which allows me to again express my vision of the woodland. Moreover, I experimented with pleating a simple hand painted brush stroke silk, this adds depth to my collection and also brings my colour pallet together in one sample. The collection holds a variety of screen and digital print. My hand printed samples allowed me to experiment with processes I could not achieve digitally, for example flocking. However, my digital prints provided again more depth to my collection. The choice to have some digital prints on scuba and velvet allows me to portray this mix of thicker structures with the fluid silk. Digitally printing on velvet permits a depth and beautiful texture to be formed, which creates a sense of curiosity.

Overall, I hope that my collection conveys the sense of abstraction I feel when in woodland. The vast landscape and natural undulations of organic shapes has inspired me to create a series of prints that itself is unusual and abstract, reflecting the power and beauty of the woodland onto the wearer of each garment.

Final Collection 1



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